RIO-MOD-RTU Relay I/O with Modbus/RTU


  • 16 isolated relay outputs Change over Form C (10A 250V AC or 10A 30V DC)
  • 1kHz scan rate
  • Software select-able relay state
  • Relay auto shutoff feature
  • 16 selectable digital inputs Input type select NPN (sink) or PNP (source) from DIP switch


The RIO-MOD-RTU is a Modbus Slave device which can be used as an RTU for any Modbus system. It is ideal for direct connection to Modbus Master PLC’s or SCADA systems.

The RIO-MOD-RTU is capable of providing 16 isolated relay outputs and 16 digital inputs. 32 indicator LED’s are conveniently placed on the unit, ideal for commissioning and fault finding.