Temp-Tek is a supplier and distributor of temperature controllers and other industrial process instrumentation, transmitters and solid state switchgear. Temp-Tek was founded over 20 years ago by Roy Embling with a vision to provide high quality instrumentation at a reasonable price with excellent service & support. After a few years Simon Howard joined Temp-Tek and under Roy’s tutelage quickly showed an aptitude for technical problem solving and a passion for electronics and instrumentation. Together they have tackled many challenges in process control and have always offered personalized service and technical insight tailored to their customers needs. Recently Brian Boxall has joined the team and is now under Simon’s tutelage and so another generation joins the ranks adding to the 35+ years of experience in process and instrumentation.

Our Suppliers

Temp-Tek has spent many years developing relationships with select manufacturers in order to bring only the best products to market in South Africa. These close knit relationships have allowed Temp-Tek to better engage with our manufacturers both in development and support of all their products. This means that Temp-Tek’s team are better able to assist customers with technical queries and support and are therefore able to offer the best back up possible.

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