WECON V-Box IoT Gateway


  • Obtain data through Serial communication (RS232/RS485/Ethernet) from device controllers
  • Supports Communication protocols of all major brands, PLCs and controllers.
  • Connect to cloud platforms through 3G/4G/Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Can send SMSes and Emails
  • Supports MODBUS, BACNET, etc
  • It also supports User-defined protocol
  • Configuration System is User-friendly, secure and reliable

V-Box Manual

Cloud Platform Demo 

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The V-Box IoT system is designed to provide a safe and reliable industrial IoT system based on state of the art technology to bring small to medium scale industry into Industry 4.0.

Wecons VNET platform coupled with their V-BOX is an extremely powerful and economical way to log and transmit data remotely from multiple devices. Integrating your application or devices with the cloud has never been so easy, the V-BOX supports over 400 controller/driver protocols for easy communication. The V-NET platform supports both public & private cloud management with a host of customization’s allowing you to build your own custom applications and integrate easily with CIS, Cloud SCADA or Machine-to-Machine