Zen IoT Gateway



  • Up to 16 Universal isolated inputs
  • Optional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)* for configuration and local control
  • Supports 3G/4G modems
  • Includes real-time clock and data logging
  • Scripting logic engine for custom applications
  • Wide connection to leading Cloud service providers
  • Low power design with select-able sleep options
  • Easy USB programming and data log retrieval using Define WorkBench software

ZEN-IoT Datasheet     ZEN-IoT Manual

ZEN-IoT Register Supplement

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Connect your standalone hardware to the Cloud with this Zen IoT gateway

The Zen IoT is a gateway device for connecting standalone equipment (PLCs or other discrete control systems) to the Cloud.

The Zen IoT gateway can also be used for Edge Processing: when you need to collate data, perform calculations and send the results to the Cloud. The Zen IoT allows this with ease. Calculations are performed within the device and resulting data communicated via a choice of Cloud connection options.

Convert process signals direct to wireless

While most devices only convert Modbus to wireless, the Zen IoT converts process signals straight to wireless! No additional devices needed. The unit features industrial grade analog and digital I/O, with 4–20mA, RTD, TC and many more available.

Integrates with all your existing equipment

It’s now simpler than ever to connect your industrial equipment to the Cloud, as the Zen IoT supports a wide range of communication protocols.

Modbus is supported, as well as new IoT comms like MQTT. Physical connections include Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G cellular modems, RS485 and Bluetooth*. Potential applications include AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), remote monitoring of assets, and data collation and transmission.

Uses extra layer of IoT security

Privacy and security are big concerns but the Zen IoT gives you peace of mind. It has its own WiFi port and connects with an extra layer of security: Transport Layer Security (TLS). Additionally it has an ethernet port which uses only Modbus TCP so the port cannot be hijacked for any other communication uses.

Unique low power design for space and cost savings

The Zen IoT features a unique low power design which can be programmed to start at power levels of less than 1/20W, making battery packs and solar panel systems smaller and more cost effective.

Additionally, the Zen IoT offers a flexible logic engine which can be programmed with a powerful scripting language for custom applications.

Cloud Connection Options:

Wired Ethernet Port Wired Ethernet Port

An Ethernet port (use order code ‘EIOT’) is available for wired internet connection. (Ethernet Modbus TCP is also supported by this instrument and is available to OEM’s on request.)

Wi-Fi WiFi

WiFi connection (use order code ‘WIFI’) enables LOS transmission of up to 1476ft (450m) using the supplied 3dBi wireless antenna.

External 3G or 4G Modem External 3G or 4G Modem

An external 3G or 4G modem may be used for remote devices, and is especially useful when other connections are not an option. The Zen IoT supports 3G/4G modems by default via the included RS485 serial port. (You can also order an additional RS485 comm if required for connection to your PLC.) The external modem supported at this time is the GateTel GT-HE910-NAD with type approval for AT&T and T-Mobile.

Once you have decided on a Cloud connection option, Define WorkBench can then be used to configure your Cloud/server connection settings. Currently supported Cloud platforms are Xively and deviceWISE (please contact us if your preferred Cloud provider is not listed).

A Custom connection can also be used to connect to your own server or that of a third party. The Custom connection is secured using TLS and uses MQTT as the protocol transfer mechanism. It sends JSON packets containing the industry standard SenML (Sensor markup language) data.

* Note: Bluetooth option available to OEM’s