TTM-339 Series


  • High Speed Sample Rate
  • Universal Process signal input
  • 99 steps
  • Backup & Load profiles and “recipes” via loader cable and software (Free software)
  • Compact panel depth
  • DI for control via external contacts
  • RS-485 Modbus functionality

TTM-339 Series Brochure     TTM-339 Series Manual     TTM-339 Modbus Registers


The TTM-339 is a powerful and versatile ramp & soak controller with advanced functionality to suit almost any process, from the very simple all the way to the most difficult of processes. These units are based off of the advanced TTM-200 series platform but are purposed built for ramp & soak or “profile” control applications. They feature multi-zone PID, Multiple output types, select-able outputs, external control functions via digital inputs, up to 99 “steps”  and a sophisticated multi-zone auto-tuning feature.