TM-2HL & TM-2HL(I)


  • High isolation
  • High accuracy 0.03%
  • Loop powered
  • Fast, hassle-free USB programming using Define ToolBox
  • Enhanced EMC specifications

TM-2HL & TM-2HL(I) Brochure     TM-2HLI & TM-2HL(I) Manual

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What it does:
The TM-2HLI accepts an RTD or TC temperature input signal and outputs a 4-20mA signal.

The TM-2HLI is a DIN B style head mount transmitter that accepts either an RTD PT100/1000 input signal, or a thermocouple input signal, and converts it to an industry standard 4–20mA output. The TM-2HLI offers 3750V AC isolation between the input and output.