• Wide power terminal arrangement in solution to any related electrical breakdown issues.
  • Replace conventional timers to directly change and attain variable speed with only one control.
  • Designed with inching system for more flexible operation.
  • Gradually increases speed when set to fast mode to help extend motor life.
  • Select-able multiple output controls such as: FORWARD AND REVERSE rotation control, FAST AND SLOW speed control.
  • Countdown timer control range: 0 – 40 mins.
  • Safety guard cover indicator which immediately stops the machine when the cover is open


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The DMC180 is the perfect solution to a long time problem in the baking and food processing industry, namely, dough mixers and mixers in general. There are generally two approaches to controlling dough mixers, either with a series of timers and complex wiring or with a PLC/HMI. Both of these approaches tend to be more expensive and complex than what is necessary for a relatively simple control issue. Enter the DMC180, a controller/timer built specifically for this purpose. With speed settings, forward and reverse options and, inching and a built in timer, any mixer has everything it needs in one easy, low cost solution.