• 2 patterns, including 8 ramp steps and 8 soak steps
    for every pattern. The 2 patterns can be linked to
    become 16 ramp steps and 16 soak steps
  • 6 PID Zones with Auto-Tuning
  • Two Alarms as standard (22 modes + pattern/step options)
  • Select-able inputs :K,J,Pt,R,S,N,T,E,B,DC linear…
  • Available in Multi-Zone/”Master & Slave” configuration

CAHO P-Series Brochure     CAHO P-Series Manual


The CAHO P-Series are a ramp and soak controller designed to meet in the “middle” of the ramp and soak controller market. These units are low-cost but still still boast many advanced features often omitted by low cost offerings.

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