Mitsco 3300 Kiln Controller

  • Easy to use making it the ideal kiln controller for both beginners and advanced users
  • Delayed start
  • Ramp & Dwell rates / times can easily be entered using the arrow keys
  • Ramp rate can be entered in oC/oF per Hour or in Hours and Minutes
  • Energy usage can be displayed using the information key.
  • Stored programs can be simply accessed using the arrow keys
  • Powerful 30A relays are provided for the main control and alarm operation.
  • Easy to Install designed for wall or bracket mounting

Mitsco 3300 Brochure


The Mitsco 3300 range of controllers has been developed to provide accurate programming of complex firing processes in a simple user-friendly design. Powerful Programming and flexibility are key functions of the 3300, satisfying most processes that require a series of regulated controlled temperature ramps and timed controlled sequences. Because of these functions they are the ideal kiln controller for any application such as ceramics, enamiling, glass and even metals. Flexibility is the key to the design and use of the 3300 program controller. The operator just selects or by-passes the ramp or dwell and then selects the next segment in the sequence to daisy chain the required number of ramps and dwells until the desired control program is created.

A kiln is one of the most important tools for many craftsman and artists in both the commercial and enthusiast space. Whether you are running a glass manufacturing company, creating bespoke pieces of art or if you just throw a few pots in over a weekend, you cant fire without a controller. With so many options available for controllers and the somewhat obscure engineering terms always used to describe them and their features, it can be difficult sometimes to find the right controller at the right price point. Our goal is to provide you, the end user, as well as your engineer or electrical contractor with information that makes sense and answers your questions. Below we have given the basic electrical specifications for your electrical magicians, but its just as important for you as the end user to understand what these controllers do and how they benefit you. In short these controllers allow you to pre-program your entire cycle including a delay on time so that you can set your kiln, load your product and walk away knowing that your kiln will start automatically at a later time, during a period of lower demand for example. The kiln controller will ramp up at the controlled rate that you specify, hold at your maximum temperature for your prescribed period of time and shut down automatically when complete. It can even provide you with your total Kw consumed for that specific firing so you can cost your products for sale correctly or make sure that you dont exceed your electricity budget for the month.

kiln controller specs