Wecon PLC’s

Wecon manufacture a comprehensive line of PLC’s to suite almost any process or industry requirements. They are broken up into 4 distinct ranges namely, LX3V, LX3VP, LX3VE and LX3VM. Details on these units can be found below and you can look more closely at each range by selecting from the menu.

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LX3V Series LX3VP Series LX3VE/3VM Series
Running Mode Round Scan/Interrupt
Programming Instruction List/Ladder
Total Instructions Basic Instructions: 27/Applied Instruction: 136+2 140
Execute Time Basic Instructions: 0.06us /Applied Instruction: 1~10us
System Storage 16k 64k 32k
Download / Monitor Serial Programming Cable/ Mini USB
High Speed Pulse Output Transistor Type: 2 Channels(4 channels optional) / Relay N/A(2 channels optional)
External Interrupt 6 Channels
Timer Interrupt 3 Channels
Holding Addresses Adjustable
Storage FLASH
Filter For all X input terminals
Serial  Port COM1:RS422 or RS485


Temperature Operating Temperature:0 ~ 55℃/Storage Temperature:0 ~ 70℃
Humidity 35~85%RH (Without condensation)
Shock Resistance JIS C0040 Standard
Noise Immunity Noise Voltage:1000Vp-p Pulse; Width:1us;  Frequency:30-100Hz (Noise Simulator)


Item Relay Output Transistor Output
Output Type NPN
Input Power Supply DC 24V DC 24V
Output Circuit <AC 250V;DC 30V DC 5~30V
COM Port Current <0.1mA(DC 30V)
Insulation Mechanistic Optical Coupling
Leak Current 0.1mA/DC 30V
Min.Load  DC 5V 2mA



Resistive 2A point 8A COM port 0.5A point 0.8A COM port 0.3A HSPO point
Inductive 80VA 12W/DC 24V7.2WHSPO point
General 100W 0.9W/DC 24V

Response Time

ON <10ms <0.2ms
(Pulse out put terminal:<5us)

AC Power Supply

                     Item LX3V(P)0806M/1208M/1212M/1412M LX3V(P)1616M/2416M/3624M
Voltage AC100~240V 50~60Hz
Power Outage Time 10ms
Rush Current <15A 5ms/AC 100V; <30A 5ms/AC 200V
Power Fuse 250V 1A 250V 3.15A
Power Consumption <35w <60w
Power Output DC 24V 850mA DC 24V 700mA

DC Power Supply

Power Supply DC 24V±10%
Power Outage Time 10ms
Power Fuse 250V 3.15A
Rush Current <15A 1ms/DC 24V
Power Consumption <30w